Which One Do You Prefer Between UK Fake Rolex Submariner Ref.126610LV And Ref.116610LV?

Rolex launches many new models to enrich the family of its popular Submariner collection. Comparing the new black dial Rolex Submariner copy with green bezel to the last generation ref.116610LV, which one do you prefer?

The green dial of copy Rolex presents gradient visual effect.
Rolex Submariner Replica With Self-Winding Mechanical Movement

What do you think of the black dial Submariner ref.126610LV? While in my opinion, I think the old edition with green dial is more eye-catching. The green dial presents gradient visual effect, which endows the timepiece more fresh and pure.

The new Swiss copy Rolex Submariner features a black dial.
Black Dial Fake Rolex Submariner

Since the old ref.116610LV will be discontinued, the price must be increased a lot. Now in secondary market, the price of Rolex Submariner becomes extremely high. It is very lucky if owning such a charming Rolex Submariner with green dial. These timepieces will be less and less in future time.

What Are Differences Between Brand New UK Fake Rolex Submariner And Old Editions?

Due to the influence of COVID-19, Rolex hasn’t launched the new models until this month. Referring to the new models of Rolex, the prediction from many watch fans is correct. Rolex has updated its popular collection- Submariner. At first sight, you may consider that the new Submariner looks very similar to old editions. But in fact, these models have been changed from the interior to exterior.

Left: New Fake Rolex Submariner Ref. 126610       Right: Old Replica Rolex Submariner Ref.116610
Whats the differences between new Submariner and old ones?
  • Case

The diameter of new Submariner is increased from 40 mm to 41 mm. In fact, the diameter of the Submariner has maintained in 40 mm in the history.

The lugs of new Submariner become thinner and slender.
Steel Case Fake Rolex Submariner
  • Lug

Since the size of the new generation of Submariner has increased to 41mm, the distance between lugs has increased to 21 mm. Meanwhile, the lugs of new Submariner become narrower and thinner.

  • Bracelet

The length of bracelet inside of the buckle of new Submariner fake online with black ceramic bezel is increases.

The new Submariner features 41 mm case.
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  • Movement

The automatic movement of the black Submariner is upgraded from Cal.3135 to Cal.3235, providing 70 hours power reserve.

UK Eye-Catching Rolex Submariner 116613LB Replica Watches

Some people love the green Submariner very much while some others regard the black version as their first choice. In my mind, the blue dial copy Rolex Submariner is the most fascinating one. Blue looks mysterious, profound, mature and gentle, which has not only attracted numerous men, but also many independent women.

The blue Submariner looks very eye-catching.
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Today’s model is a gold and Oystersteel case fake Rolex. The gold elements excellently add the noble and luxurious touch to the model. Under the sunshine, the charming blue dial even presents an impressive gradient visual effect.

The gold and steel Rolex looks more luxurious and charming.
Blue Ceramic Bezel Fake Rolex

Although the perfect knockoff watch is water resistant to a depth of 300 meters, allowing all the wearers to dive or swim, few people will take it into water. These blue Submariner will accompany you perfectly at any occasions.