Special Fake Rolex Yacht-Master 116695SATS Watches UK With Colorful Sapphires

The 40 mm fake watches have black dials.

Yacht-Master watches have both marine styles and practical functions. In other words, these watches are well designed on both appearances and performances. In the following, you will see exquisite watches copy Rolex Yacht-Master 116695SATS.

The luxury copy watches are made from 18ct everose gold.
18CT Everose Gold Copy Rolex Yacht-Master 116695SATS Watches

In 40 mm, the luxurious replica watches are made from polished 18ct everose gold. The bidirectional rotating bezels are decorated with colorful sapphires in pink, yellow, blue, orange and green, which look like jelly beans, so this kind of bezel is also called “Jelly Bean Bezel”. The colorful bezels are the highlight of the watches.

The 40 mm fake watches have black dials.
Black Dials Fake Rolex Yacht-Master 116695SATS Watches

What’s more, the perfect watches fake Rolex have black rubber straps and black dials with 18ct everose gold hour marks and hands covered with luminant coating and date windows. It is clear and easy to read the time. They are worthy for modern fashion people.

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