UK Fake Rolex Oyster Chronograph Ref.6034 In 1955 Created Auction Price Record

Last weekend, the Antigoron auction held a Geneva spring auction, and there are three Rolex creating the auction price record of this collection. They are the rose gold Oyster chronograph ref.6034 in 1955, Comex Submariner ref.1680 in 1979 and Mark II Submariner ref.1680 in 1969.

The estimated price of the chronograph ref.6034 is 300,000 Swiss francs. However, the ivory white dial Rolex was sold at a price of 600,000 Swiss francs.

The rose gold Rolex Ref.6034 has been sold at a high price.
Rose Gold Bracelet Copy Rolex Ref.6034

The Oyster chronograph was the main chronograph model before Daytoan was released, the rose gold case was rarely seen. The condition of this ref.6034 is very good. Without any oxidation, polishing and there’s only a few scratches, this perfect replica watch looks amazing.

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